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                                                                                                                                                  Couleur Diamants likes to secure the loyalty of his customers, this is why, progressively with your purchases, you cumulate fidelity points. The principle is as follows:

You benefited from a discount of 5% on your first purchase minimum order 1000 euros. Please contact us.
Principle: with each one of your purchases, except promotion and reduction, you can cumulate fidelity points Couleur Diamants points. These points CD enable you to obtain reductions on your next purchases in the form of “Loyalty points” and this on all articles of our shop.
For this special:
You can contact us before purchasing. This offer are only for particular customers, the professional customers profit from other prices conditions according the request.
Example: for a purchase of 100 € including taxes (except promotion) your account is credited with 100 points.
That is to say €1 Euro spent = 1 loyalty points
VIP GOLD: between 1500 and 5000 points: 5% of permanent discount
VIP PLATINUM: between 5001 and 10.000 points: 8% of permanent discount
VIP DIAMOND: superior at 10.001 points: 10% of permanent discount
Use and validity: you can use your points of your second purchases, some is its rising. As from the date of validation of your order, unbounded in time.

Thus, if you cumulated 5.001 points CD, laid out you of a permanent reduction of 8%. You can use one code of discount per order. The points CD are valid only on the site or .fr


Couleur Diamants also proposes:

  • 30 days full guarantee
  • The certification of diamonds
  • A confidential delivery is protected
  • A presentation under certain conditions 
  • Our search engine is at your disposal to find the diamond which corresponds to you


  • Couleur Diamants also proposes:

    By wishing you a good visit in the universe of the diamond of colour. We are at your disposal to answer all your requirements, you can also write tus while clicking on the heading contact by leaving us your telephone coordinates, we will contact you as soon as possible.


Couleur Diamants is proud to appear among the first French website especially dedicated to the world of coloured diamonds, our goal being of you to make profit from useful and practical information. Many fancy color diamonds  are sold on the international market as being so-called natural colour diamonds but of which the unambiguous proof cannot always be made.

In as long as we are Colored Diamond Broker, we have suppliers having a verifiable source of checking. This fact we can affirm with our customers that our diamonds of colour which they are of natural colour, treated or synthetic. Our splendid crystals of diamonds are selected rigorously, followed and bought by our care, we do all the best  to guarantee genealogy and the geographical source of eash diamonds.

All our diamonds proposed in our on-line shop are the result from countries which take an active part to avoid the financing of war according to “Kimberley process”, our diamonds are not used for in no case to finance wars.

The Kimberley process is an international certification of unworked diamonds signed the 1er January 2003 by Canada, the United States, 30 other European country and Convention countries more than. This international co-operation is justified by the problem of diamonds of conflicts, of the diamonds produced in zones of wars and used by lords of the war to provide itself out of weapons. 

                                                Why us ?

All our diamonds selection are offered with a Diamond Grading Report. We place at your disposal a certificate established by a independant laboratory of gemmology. We propose a certificate of authenticity, including a pictures of diamond only for CART GEM LAB certificate. You can consult them on line and they will be joined to the diamond at the time of the purchase.

                           Frequently Asked Questions

Do we make the publicity of colored diamonds to our customers and our prospective customers?
Yes. We developed this Internet website especially to this end, but we are from the point of view of a vast integral marketing year to announce this product to our customers. Publicity will appear in the newspapers, in the specialized magazines.

Why do we have creates an Internet website especially dedicated to the universe of colored diamonds?
We want to become a future mark of luxury of international class. A naturally colored diamond constitutes ultimate prestige. They are with the mode, is general public misses information about it, we want to cure that.

Therefore, if the world of the colored diamond is influenced by the fashion, is it possible that a diamond is sometimes very tendency and that it becomes then “last of mode”?
Any hunter of tendencies diamond mode notices various degrees of popularity of certain colors of diamonds and this generally occurs during the launching of a product. But the scarcity of colored diamonds remains constant. We carried out a market research, and are sure that colored diamonds are not victims or whims of fashions.

Use-we-of “diamonds of the war”?
Not. We supply ourselves only highly recommended sources. We market diamonds which are certified “not being used to finance the wars”.

Will a Couleur Diamants certificate be offered?
Yes. For all diamonds, by defect for diamonds weighing < 0,40 carat. Each purchase of a diamond > 0,40 carat will be accompanied by an internationally recognized certificate (for a value superior at 1000 euros), as well a grading report "Couleur Diamants Expertise" for the quality of the cut.

There are problems of durability since the fancy shapes have a different durability?
Very good question. Yes the fancy shapes are a little more fragile because of theirs “corners” or their “points”, however once the diamond sealed in its mounting, the risks of nicks under a normal use are almost non-existent. The marquise is popular. It is a beautiful size.

I know that my been engaged wishes a diamond, but it seems to me that all diamonds resemble each other?
Not. One intends to say that each diamond that it is colourless or of color is single, certainly, but a colored diamond because of its scarcity is more than single, those are the invaluable stones rarest in the world.

How you do for represent in your photography the real hue of the diamonds?          Our diamonds are digitally photographed using daylight temperature lighting to accurately represent how the diamond appears in sunlight. View your diamond in sunlight or equivalent lighting when estimating color.diamond…

Here are as many advantages which hope for we it, will incite you to choose a colored













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